Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mesa County Fair 2014, is alive and well. Tuesday was goat day.

A county fair is a most important part in the fabric of a community. When supported by the people in the county, it provides incentives for creativity, for learning new techniques whether they be in food production or preservation, needle works such as fantastic quilts and more, baking, crafts, art, photography and so much more as evidenced in the animal husbandry showings.
I have posted here my photos taken on Tuesday morning of this week, goat showings and the opening of the county displays in food, stitchery, and more. Also included are photos of the projects our 4-H and FFA programs sponsor.
I have to say, every person showing a goat or helping a family member with that job, seemed to really have their goals in mind and were so solid in their remarks about what they learned in the process.
Fruita FFA members and 4-Hers all talked about the things they learn through these programs. The one thing that stood out was that they are happy to be learning leadership and how important that is to their futures as well as the skills involved in completing their projects, that of goal setting, planning, carrying through and responsibility. All of these help  in earning scholarships for further education, a thing parents should be happy about.
The list of winners most likely will be published in the Daily Sentinel and/or the Free Press and as soon as I retrieve my notes, I will post names and info on this blog. Till then enjoy the photos. Click on anyone you'd like and print out, just remember to give me credit for the pic.

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