Thursday, February 20, 2014

SOMETHING IS NEW AT THE ZOO, that is Fruita Children's Nature Center

And here's what's new at the Zoo, the Children's Nature Center in Fruita, across the street  from Dino Journey.  Don't miss the new frogs in bright colors, scorpions, four big boas from the collection of Michael Jackson (we think and are in the process of proving this fact), another Tarantella, new fish, the return of the sting rays to the salt water tank, a new parrot named Gigi and more. Every day at the center is a new adventure.

One of four large snakes new to Children's Nature Center

Come see the new scorpions

Another tarantella

one of four new dart frogs, this one the bee frog.

Beautiful blue dart frog, baby now. Will grow to 1 1/2 inch.

Albine boa, another of four new snakes.

The Sting Ray is back in the pool. Come see.

He sees the meal worm...

He gets that tongue ready.
And out comes that tongue like a dart. Good bye meal worm.

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