Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fruita Fourth Friday opened to a wonderful snowfall.

These happy customers at Pablo's Pizza enjoyed Terry Owen's art works
hanging there until end of December.

Happily coming into a warm gallery with great art,  two
viewers explored the works at Rose Hue Gallery. They
 found many ideas for Christmas gifts also.

This sort of Edward Hopper-ish view of Aspen street at
night welcomed Fourth Friday Visitors with warm and welcoming lights.

Enjoying James Payne's great photographs at Fruita Chiropratric
Office added wonderment to this photo.

This photographer happens to love snow
storms. No apologizes.

It would seem this musician has more instruments than he can

Gathered 'round Vickey, this group of musicians
enjoyed taking part in a workshop about rhythm on

This dinosaur surely must enjoy attention
'mid the snowfall.

Next Fourth Friday will take place on december 27th, a time to reflect on Christmas and family.

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