Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rodeo number 5, July 2, 2013

Results of this evening's rodeo are as follows:
Bareback, 1st Josh Frost 86
                  2nd Jesse Cordova 64
Saddle Bronc 1st Jerry Blair  68 points
                        2nd Colt Allred 67 points
Bulls, 1st and only successful ride...Josh Frost 83
Jr. Bulls, 1st Wyatt Bronson with 75
               2nd Tate Frost, 73
Calf Roping: 1st Josh Frost 8.62
                      Jesse Cordova  12.64
Ribbon Roping Teams, 1st Denton Norell and Emma Rushing 17.41
                                       2nd Kent Edward and Aurora Dibble 31.27
Breakaway, 1st Brittney Gavagen 4.30
                     2nd Caitlin Jones, 4.54
Barrels 1D, 1st Caitlin Jones 18.10
                    2nd, Kathy Norell 18.26
Barrels 2D,  1st Hallie Taylor 19.34
                    2nd tie between Tashayla Sterbeck and Breda Brehs 19.36
Barrels 3D, 1st Jessica Hoopes 20.22
                    2nd Shea Forgarty 20.33
Team Roping #8, 1st Red Harper and Paul Holiday 19.40
                             2nd Wiley Button and Jim Allen 20.88
Ream Roping #11, 1st Brandon Edwards and Lane Woods, 16.61
                                2nd Kyle Rush and Josh Nicolas 17.38
Photos to be posted Thursday. Some are by Jill Ensign and others borrowed from C.C.
Photos from last week will be posted on that blog also this Thursday since the photographer has been out of town. Just type in Rodeo number 4 in upper left hand window.

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