Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fourth Friday and Fat Tire Festival kept this past weekend hopping.

This series of photos tell the story of a fun weekend very well. Enjoy. Don't forget to register your kids for art camp at the Fruita community Center Desk, no online registrations they say.

Now, an idea
was born when
a guy named Troy
ate a sandwich
having an overload
an overload of garlic, was that garlic
they say
that gave a spicy birth'
which has grown into  Fruita Fun
as people from all over the earth come...
This year I found Denver,
Salt Lake, Philadelphia,
Minnesota, Wisconsin,
North Carolina, Virginia,
California, Olkahoma,
Kansas, New Jersey and...
being one person, those
are but the few I talked with.
Yeah for Troy...
You've brought excitement
and lots of wheels
to Fruita.
Now, all ye who care, contact BLM and let them know their plans should not mess up North Fruita biking area, an area which brings added revenue to Fruita, to businesses, to the city, added outdoor activity and healthful exersice to us all, the natives and to so many who come here just for the chance to bike in open space.
Energy leases loom and fester on the horizon and you all know what happens then, the companies fence off all that open area and post NO TRESPASSING!  If you love to bike, your business loves the revenue, than get on the ball and write BLM with your opinion. Use Facebook, twitter and whatever else you can. HELP US in Frutia.  Ask BLM to leave our Fruita north area alone!

Enjoy the photos.
Open for business.

Build it and they will come...

And he lost his head

The lone wolf waits...

And he sings his song...

Flowers bloom in approval...

Fat tires unite...

On to Fat Tire adventure...

Now this is what we will do...

we will unite...

She captures the moment

The pet wonders...

Many bands play on...

Bernie smiles strong...

The bikes hang all around...

This 2008 shirt is
a collector's item.

A fashion show at vintage captured
the eye...

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Amy Kuper, wondrous seamstress and artist
worked her magic on this garment made of
phonebook pages and more.

This dress, ready for a party
was designed and constructed by
Vintage Commons owner.

And here she is, with more repurposed
designs ready to fly.

The raincoat acts as a greenhouse as well.

Cornerstone Mortgage hosted
work by Amy Gibbs.

Rye Gallery featured remarkable photography..

These four pairs of legs were on display at
Aspen Street Coffee.

And Pablo's Pizza hosted families and the paintings of
Brandon Smith...(Smith an alias in witness protection...)
And there it is folks....Fun Town Fruita home of WTF  welcome to Fruita....Mike the Headless....and
happy times...

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