Sunday, March 17, 2013

Local Artist Shows in the Galleria UPP, in Italy.

Dmitri Obergfell is a graduate of Palisade High School.  He was always thinking and creating these ideas into art forms. When seeing his work in my classes, I always noted how different his perception of ways to express himself were and how original. I hope that this show in Italy will spur his career on to many levels and to many viewers. Good luck to Dmitri in all he does!


DMITRI OBERGFELL | The Visigoths | galleria upp


Dmitri Obergfell, The Visigoths curated by Marco Tagliafierro
galleria upp, Venice, 16 March – 11 May 2013
Opening: 16 March at 18.00
Dmitri Obergfell, The Visigoths curated by Marco Tagliafierro
galleria upp, Venice, 16 March – 11 May 2013
Opening: 16 March at 18.00
--galleria upp of Venice is pleased to present The Visigoths, the 
first solo
exhibition in Italy of Dmitri Obergfell (Denver, 1986), curated
 by Marco
Tagliafierro. Through a series of sculptures, reproductions
of busts
chosen from among the cliché of classical statues, the show
presents a metaphorical incursion, forced erosion that traces
a culture’s depletion and becomes emblematic of necessary
The young artist made nine plaster and graphite busts for this show. 
They are not 
exact replicas of the major references of western sculptural production 
as they are reproduction of reproductions: a violent coercion to 
repetition that 
paradoxically accelerates the process of taking distance from the
 classical archetype. 
Obergfell falls into the vertiginous cycle of transcriptions of the
 “original” to which 
the entire West clings, attempting to ground itself in the ever 
more evanescent 
memory of its past splendor. Beginning by treating these statues
 as souvenirs or 
kitsch schlock, Obergfell ends up presenting already depreciated
 ‘signs,’ shadows 
of themselves, imitations of fake originals. But the research doesn’t 
stop here, liable 
to interface with what Gillo Dorfles has already sufficiently explored.
Obergfell’s act, a partial annulment of the constitutive features of 
these sculptural 
“replicants”—closed mute systems that have lost their 
communicative function—, 
attempts to open a breach in the shut and self-referential 
system these artifacts 
express. Obergfell uses his sculptures like chalk on a 
blackboard, to create the space 
around them, and finally, then, puts them back on pedestals. 
Now brutally mutilated, 
these figures no longer suffer from neglect, if not that of a lazy 
eye whose negligence 
no longer contemplates art and makes statues also die 
(a quote dear to the artist leading 
directly to the title of Alain Resnais and Chris Marker’s 

Dmitri Obergfell, The Visigoths a cura di Marco Tagliafierro
galleria upp, Venezia, 16 marzo – 11 maggio 2013
Opening: 16 marzo, h. 18.00
La galleria upp di Venezia è lieta di presentare The Visigoths, 
prima personale 
in Italia di Dmitri Obergfell (Denver,1986), a cura di Marco
Attraverso una serie di sculture,che sono riproduzioni di busti 
tra i clichè della statuaria classica, la mostra propone una 
 incursione, un'erosione forzata che traccia l'esaurirsi di 
una cultura e 
diventa emblema di un cambiamento necessario.

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