Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rodeo 2012 Number two, barrells and results

What an exciting night this rodeo event turned out to be! With a near record crowd, fans were treated to some great athletic feats both by the human element and by the animals. One might think those bulls were still in prime shape after off season since as last week, only one rider managed to last the 8 seconds on the regular bulls. Jason Blasdel rode to a score of 81. Junior bulls turned out to be the same as Wyatt Bronson placed a score of 70 points on his bull.
The bareback riders struck out with the horses winning. Doug Schanlau (spell?) managed to win his ride with 74 points.
In Calf Roping Jesse cordova was first with Ryan Canty taking second.
Ribbon Roping is a fun event for all. Testing the ropers skill to stop the calf and the runner's ability to quiclky secure the ribbon in the calf's tail and hurry back to break the barrier light.
Jesse Cordova and Brittney Noon did the event in 7.5 and Michael Baleztena and Brittney Baleztena managed to get the ribbon back at the 10.62 mark.
Women prove again and again they have just as great roping skills as the guys. Jessica Mendes roped her steer in 3.35 and Caitlin Jones stopped hers in 3.71

Barrels is always an event the photographer has to capture during slack when the sun is still bright.
Caitlin Jones made a 17.39 for first place with Tracey Jackson riding with a 17.91 time for second.
In 2D Barrels, first place went to EmmaRushing, 18.44 and second, Sharron Colunga with 18.54.
In 3D, Katy Litteral had 19.44 and Sunny Velencia had 19.82.
The horses and riders are really going strong. As an example, third in 1D was 18.06, 15 hundreths of a second off second place. Second place was 58 hundreths of a second in difference from first place. There is not much more beautiful than a horse going all out under a skilled rider, (perhaps those bulls run a close second with their brawn and kicks.)

Team roping #8 watched Chris and Larry Wehling place number one. Cayden Chumley and Tee Wofford took second.
Team roping #11 first place went to Jesse Petck and JimBob Gomersall. Wacey Clarke and Micheal Balextena took second.
Here follow the photos of barrell racing and a few others. Tomorrow
I will be posting bulls, mutton busting and roping. 'Tis bed time.
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