Thursday, June 7, 2012

First week of Art Camp finds some Swiss connections

If you missed the first week of Fruita's Art Camp, you missed lots of fun as campers explored the art work of Paul Klee. They got to hear the precussion section of the Grand Junction Symphony also. Wow, those musicians were fun. Printmaking with vegetables was better than eating them according to some campers. Those monoprints were fun. One group didn't want to quit. Then campers were exposed to designing their own cloth, to wear or to make a flag. "Pretty cool," they thought. The art of movement was something else. Who'd have thought about dance and movement being art forms? And, how about those story tellers?
Now, if you missed week one, Week two is coming up...we're visiting the East Coast and with
the imaginations of those teachers, we're guessing there'll be a lot of 3-D work. Do you suppose fishing might enter into the scene? What ever they dream up, it will be colorful and fun. Rumor has it that
we'll get to become acquainted with different styles of architecture, (another art form) at Moon Farm since the hall we use for camp hosts a big group due to a funeral. Art teachers are the most flexible people we know. They can always plan for anything and come up with the best alternaties ever.
Week three is yummy since we get exposed to food art. This Wayne Thiebaud guy is still making his are even though he is near 90 years old. We get to draw and paint like he does. City Market cake artist decorator will do some demos for us. Then, since this is the west coast, some watercolor lessons are in order. What about the old gold rush? We'll see some of that when the Symphony comes back to let us in on a petting instrument zoo.
Week four we heard that there is a cave with old, ancient paintings, even older than great grandpa.
It is suspected that we will get to make our own cave art as well a learn about French artists like Monet, Magritte and who knows who else. We might get to dot like Seurat. Would be great to eat some French cooking. We do know we'll be seeing the Ice Age display thanks to Mr. Perry. He must really love kids. 
Watch for more photos from those camps. Maybe we'll all get to contribute to this script.

Wow, this portfolio cover
is cool!
This art work is something Paul Klee might have done.
So this is an original Paul Klee?

This cartoon was in a book about
the artist.

Shapes and colors and

Mrs Mary is helping us
make fiber boxes with
her print technique.

"Let's see, just where should
I put this design?

Book making isn't always
a gamble.

This is a three dimensional
design to be proud of.

"I really did use that colot!"

Which side is the right way?

"Now, what do I want to do next?

This nonoprint technique is veery interesting.

Let's see, how did that look?

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