Friday, March 23, 2012

Michael Erivn, Special Man

Friday, March 23, our community lost another incredible person, Michael Ervin. Not familiar with Michael's background since he moved to the valley from the east after a busy life and career, I only know him from the first day I met Michael through the group that met each Friday at Main Street Bagels.
Michael's contributions via his thoughts and observations about government, both local and state, caused many persons to think more clearly and more carefully before they make decisions.  He gained the ire of some a self-important local politicans, partisian groups and those who  would have the public simply swallow their rants and ravings uncontested.
I always enjoyed his column in the Free Press. His comments and knowledge were most appreciated at the Friday meetings of the group who discussed issues, trends, and ideas. His memory will always linger in the hearts of those who originally initiated this group. God bless Michael.

Michael Ervin,  you do live on, and on, and on...Thank you for your intelligence and vision. Those who sat with you in the early days of the Main Street Bagel Group, will keep your memory alive and well.
Michael, St. Patricks was special to you.

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