Tuesday, December 6, 2011

City Council meets.

Dec. 6, Fruita City Council gathered to conduct their monthly public meeting.
On the agenda was a demonstration in Parlimentary Procedure given by the Future Farmers
of America Organization from Fruita Monument High School. 

Kelsi Bradley described some of the many achievements Fruita's FFA Organization has achieved in the last few years as well as current projects in progress. She noted that Fruit's organization is the largest in the State of Colorado with 327 on its roster. Greely Colorado's FFA is secoond largest in the state with 100 members less than Fruita. With 60 some eighth graders as junior members, the grand total really numbers some 380 FFA members.   

Kelsi Bradley, Elli Sagan and Bryce Grant gave a report on
what FFA means to the community as well as highlights on what
projects the group does to educate members on careers and the
activities that ensure skills are learned in many career-related areas.
Bradley referred to the National Conference which was attended by 18  Fruita FFA members.
She noted that three of the four member team on horticulutre placed silver in this national competition while the other members of that team placed gold. She spoke of community members who volunteer with Fruita's FFA and how important their knowledge is to the group's achievements. She thanked Jimmy of Jimmy's Flowers for all the work she did with the organization in horticulture. Other community businesses that help the FFA include Bud's Taac Shop and the Burenheides with livestock and Parlimentary Procedure.
Bradley mentioned that at the national conferences 25,000 people attended, offering all kinds of classes and workshops connected to the many fields of study FFA members may choose.              
Ellie Sagan included current activities on the group's agenda which include Twice Owned Toy Drive, and the December 16, Cowboy Christmas sale.
The trio talked about the leadership opportunities offered to the members of FFA which include workshops on careers, on leadership, locally, at the state level and the national level. 

The demonstration of Parlimentary Procedure was officiated by Wyatt Ryan, Club President.

If you have twice owned Toys your children have out grown, the club is collecting these for re-distribution to families who are feeling the pinch of our current economy. Drop them off at the Ag Department at Fruita Monument High School.  If you have a skill that would benefit the group, your volunteer service is most welcome. Call Ryan Hudson or Jessica Heath at Fruita  Monument or Mrs. Hudson at Plateau Valley High School.

The first reading of the introduction of an Ordinance amending the official zoning map of the City ro rezone approximately 1.04 acres of property located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Pine and Grand Avenue from  a Planned Unit Development Zone of one type to a Planned Unit developmentZone of another type for publication of public hearing on January 3, 2012, was completed for the Council.

El Tapatio presented a request for a dance hall license which was approved by Council. Get out those dancing shoes.
A public hearing will take place January 3, 2012 concerning the April 3, 2012 regular municipal election to prohibit the operation of medical marijuana centers, optional premises cultivation operations, and medical marijuana infused product manufacturing within the city limits of Fruita. 

The City of Palisade passed an ordinance to allow medical marijuana to continue to be legally dispensed while the City of Grand Junction voted to defeat such sales within its city limits.

This artist rendering shows the proposed Dollar General Store
to be built at the south east corner of the intersection of Pine
Street (18 Rd) and Grand Avenue (J.2 Rd).

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