Saturday, November 19, 2011

So, Who is right?

 I just have to "meander," which I do once in awhile in my Mulder's Meandering Column and blog.

Saturday’s, (Nov. 19)  Sentinel article on Joe Ramunno's resigning was interesting, that is, it was interesting to read between the lines.
1.   At a time education is being cut, cut, cut along with programs that actually bring kids to school, keep them in school and help give them skills for living, it is interesting to see that those coaches and those teachers are the ones blamed for lack of production. But then, that isn't new.
This is my opinion. Then when the results are not 100%, or the school has not won the super trophy in a sport, that teacher or that coach suddenly is pushed to go elsewhere, and the institution comes out smelling like a rose.

2.   Maybe I am wrong, maybe Joe  Ramunno wanted to retire, with 4 State high school championships, six winning Maverich seasons, two RMAC titles,, three appearances in the NCAA playoffs and the first RMAC team to win an NCAA Division II playoff game, but knowing him, I don’t think so. Working with youth is in his blood. It is him.
3.   Todd Casebier was the only one who told it like it is, when at the end of the article he is quoted as saying,  “I know what it was like for Joe and his scholarship situation. (Mesa) will probably make it better for the next guy. To me, if you want a program to succeed, you need to find funds and he didn’t have the funds. Money is the name of the game. I feel bad for him (Joe).”
4.   And there you have it folks, money does make a difference in academics as well as in sports that bring up attendance, necessary for learning. And at the college level, money for that institution, sports act as the one drawing factor for higher numbers in student enrollment.
5.   As evidence of this, the Sentinel recently published a front page article on Clifton Elementary, a failing school who received a three year grant of over $800,000 to do something about their problems, attendance, lack of parenting knowledge, failing scores in reading writing and math. The grant brought actual, real training using honest to goodness master teachers from all over the U.S. and hands on mentoring in the classrooms by those experts. That money and the work and spirit Clifton Elementary and their mentors and outside training have put into the first year paid off royally. Clifton's parents are more involved, kids don't miss as many days, teachers have new resources and skills. The scores are up significantly, and, that in ONE year!
6.   Joe Romanno’s resignation is a true loss to Mesa because he was an actual, real gentleman, whose example will live on.
There are not many football coaches who garner my respect, but Joe does! This raises a question, exactly what kind of individuals will we create thanks to the poor visions of those in power, the Governor, the Legislature, and the Federal Congress?  Priorities have to change. Continued subsidies for the already filty rich energy fields have to cease. The tax breaks for the very wealthy, gifts of Bush and continued by the Republician greedy millionaire congressmen, must end. For goodness sake, wake up you ordinary citizens.
Go Occupy Movement! Perhaps the police and other public servants who actually qualify as 99% will join. Too bad we see an 80 year old woman pepper sprayed in Seattle, a veteran injured in New York by its finest. Others hurt and arrested simply for exercising their right to free speech with the good of the ordinary Americans in mind.

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