Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ed2go is a great source for continued learning

Currently, I am taking a course in Adobe photoshop CS5, a program which I was not familiar with. Since my CS 2 program died, I was afraid of the new one, advertised to have so manuy more tools. Taking the course and passing the tests will give me hours towards renewal of my teaching certificate. It will also give me the knowledge of how to use the tools provided in creating some wonderful photographs and art work.
One can take courses on various computer programs such as Excell;  teaching courses on Reading Methods, New Math; History; various Art Topics and more. Explore the possibilities by going to  There is a choice of participating college campuses. Mesa State is listed along with their Monstrose campus under the new name of Colorado Mesa University. The cost is certainly better than the current price per credit hour naw charged on campus. If you are serious about learning, the material is usually very well presented and you learn just as much in these online courses as you could in a classroom.

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