Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at Snooks

Here a small group enjoys a cool off
from summer's heat
This photo portrays the beauty at Snooks, found when Mother Nature
paints in her Fall colors.
Although I wasn't witness to the scene of fun and family at the City of Fruita's youngest outdoor park, my husband was. He came home with our two dogs and a big smile as he told of the crowd and activities he saw while hiking around the lake at Snooks Bottom.
"There were over three lanes of cars parked up there this evening," he said. "There were other cars parked at the fence where the disc players go."
What has been a wonderful place for people who like to be outdoors, who like the water but don't want to pay the stiff fees for the pool at the Fruita Parks and Recreation Community and Fitness Center, and those who simply want to enjoy nature unadorned, Snooks has been a wonderful venue.
What my husband went on to describe was that "there must have been 50 people around the partially submerged  deck."(Still under water from from the Colorado River's high waters.)
He described the mix of numerous kinds of dogs, yound and old people and dad throwing out the fiesh line and daughter reeling the line back in. What was striking and actually is the usual, is the fact that everyone was getting along well, inter-acting, enjoying,
When he relayed his descriptions, about two corgies who would swim for a few feet then get out of the water and shake, of how other dogs were running with those of other owners, with no problems anywhere, it made me think, "My goodness, this is too good to last. Soon there will be someone who complains about something or some jerk who ruins what have been great summers for all of us who love Snooks."
Since the creation of this wonderful place, he and I and our dogs have absolutely loved going there throughout all seasons. Yes, and I have called the police when, in the early months, some decided to take their beer parites there, and I saw what was going on. There have been sort of suspicious people around cars several times exchanging only what you might want to imagine, but they too, seem to have left as families and outdoor lovers keep coming. I will never forget the names several young men called me when they saw me take out my phone. Those of us who love Snooks will do all we can to protect it.
Well, one thing in the offing is the fact that now the City supposedly has been told they have to have a life guard on duty, I guess, 7am to 10pm daily.
Well guess what, that problably means several things.
Fees now could be charged, again limiting who gets to use the place...or hours can be cut, limiting the ability of hikers to walk around the shore, enjoying fish jumping, birds flying, cotton wood trees playing melodies with the wind currents, photographers discouraged from nature studies, families having a place to enjoy one another with out going broke.
Let's see, City I hear seniors have to pay more than many can afford to participate in what used to be some great senior activities run by Sheri Tice whose husband, Warren, does have his food handlers license. With the job situation as it is, there are families who would dearly love to have their children learn to swim or just to enjoy the pool but that is not the case when pool fees are so high.
Taken last summer, the dock
is a great place.

Snooks in Autumn.
All these fees are blamed on that wonderful word, "insurance," you know, the corporations which earn billions by using their fear tatics to hold most Americans in tow. Sound outlandish, then just think about all I have said. Draw your own conclusions.

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