Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rimrock Rodeo for August 2 proves to be another exciting venue.

And it's on to the races.

The bull fighting rodeo dude has saved many a bull rider.

The rodeo parade is fun to
watch as the participants follow
a serpentine path.

This calf hoes to escape any ropes.

With determination and his rope, he's
going after that calf.

August 2, marked another great time at Rimrock Rodeo.
The results for the evening found that the bareback riders didn't score. but Jerry Blair managed to ride the full time and took first with the only qualifying time.
Bullriding brought some shortness of breath when several of the bulls wanted a piece of their riders.
Jason Blasedell rode for a score of 85, good enough to take first place. Jack Crestwell placed second with a 74.
Junior bulls first place went to Jacob Spencer. Second place was a tie between three riders who rode for a score of 71.
Bryce Grant  roped his calf in eight sone seconds and Ryan Canty  took second, the only other roper to successfully rope and tie his catch.
Ribbon roping saw Jesse Cordova, roper, and Brittney Moon, ribbon runner place first. Tony Mendes and Jessica Blasdel won second.
In breakaway, Sheanna Shipley was first and Ryan Pettis, second.
Loni Wolfe rode to a 17.26 in barrels 1 D. Caitlin Jones took second with 17.47.
Barrels 2 D saw Tandesha Fakalller run a 18.57 and Mikki Milsap a 18,58.
In Barrels 3D Lisa Hudson was first with 19.42 and Anna Jolly seocond, 19.54.
Team Roping scores for Team #8:
Dustin Canen and Jeff Jones placed first. Tony Tonozzi and Reece Potter took second.
Team # 11:
Jerry McKay and Matt Rice took first and Jesse Petek and Jim Bob Gomersall were second.

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