Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rim Rock Rodeo number lucky seven.

Rimrock Rodeo number seven was a lucky one for some. For spectators, the temperature was just right. A little rain didn't hurt anyone. Conditions were really good for most of the contests. Thank you Mother Nature.  I know the animals must have loved it.
Michael Sizemore placed first place on his bareback ride. The broncs shurout the rest of the competition.
Jason Blasdel rode for 82 points and Zack Haraway rode a 73 point ride, so the big bulls gave away two places. These two winners won extra bucks since no one placed last week.
The junior bulls put on a good show. Watch out for these guys when they get older, they're headed for the big comptieition. Jacob Spencer earned 78 points for his ride and Wyatt Bronson was a close 76 points forsecond place.
Jesse Cordova placed first and Mario Baleztena, second, in calf roping.
In the Ribbon roping contest, Mario Baleztena roped the calf and Morgon Crause got the ribbon back in the shortest time to take first place.
Jesse Cordova and Brittany Moon placed second.
The only gal in breakaway to successfully rope her calf was Sheane Shipley
For Barrels, 1D, Trudy Peterson smoked everyone with a 16.46 wiwth Loni Wolfe was really close behind for second place with a 16.70 time.
2D saw a split between Gayla Shaefer and Amanda Stout. Both raced to a 17.99 time.
3D first place went to Shauna Bornschen's ride of 18.49 and Loren Dallman, a 18.63 ride, another close first and second.
Team #8 ropers, Header Kyle Rush and Heeler, Kevin Kiacht placed first.
A second place tie was between the  teams of Jess Jackson and Paul Holiday and the team of Kyle Rush and Glen Younger.
Team #11 competition first place went to the team of Jerry McKay and Pake Younger.
Second place went to Jerry McKay and Dean Raines.

I will have to post photos tomorrow.Please check back for what I think are some good bull shots, ropers, mutton bustin and more.

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