Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hollyhocks bring happy visions, a tribute to Fred Mayes

As a feast for your eyes, walk, bike or drive west on Ottley until you near The Oaks Retirement Complex of Fruita.
Thanks to the vision of Fred Mayes, this wonderful vision has grown and matured with georgous color for all to enjoy. Planting and tending this garden, Fred Mays worked from his wheel chair which drew some questions from by standers who wondered why he was having to work under such "conditions." What they did not know, according to Michele Snider, director of the Oaks, was that he was as happy as could be, to be able to plant and garden. The wheel chair gave him mobility needed and a comfortable place to work from. She noted that Mayes worked as a landscaper as well as maintainence person for the city of Grand Junction in Lincoln park where he did all sorts of landscape and water pipe maintainence.  He had been a landscaper at the Oaks before coming back as a resident. While working as landscaaper for Family Health West, many remember the grounds had never looked better.
Mayes told everyone that being able to plant and landscape at the Oaks gave him something to live for. 
Last year some of the hollyhock seeds didn't do well so he harvested seeds from the healthy ones and planted them for this year. His work has truly brightened up the landscape and the hearts of many who now can enjoy the array of color.
Be sure to drive past these now mature plants before summer's heat puts them to rest, and remember Fred Mayes who made this possible. 

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