Saturday, June 4, 2011

Legend of Dynamite George.

You definitely will want to read this book...for any age...especially with the renewed interest in mining  in Western Colorado. It provides some adventure and much insite into some of the history of minimg.

Through the adventures of a pack rat, Jamie and Windy take the reader into a world

beneath the earth's surface, giving them an understanding of mining and the people

who work in the tunnels below. When readers come up for air, they have a better

appreciation for those who work underground and a special love for that little furry

character who captured their hearts at the beginning of the book.

This fast-paced, humorous book is enjoyable for all ages. The author has applied her

photojournalist's skills to illustrate the pages with precious pictures she took of a

real pack rat and mine where she was first inspired to write the story.

 Author Bio

Dynamite George, the pack rat, is not the only subject that Carroll Bennett focuses

on through her lenses. Throughout her life she has traveled as a photojournalist

recording the beauty of the planet whether it was underwater photography in the

Caribbean, or archaeology sites in Peru.

A graduate of Northern Arizona University, she worked at the Museum of Northern

Arizona in Flagstaff.  Her position as museum photographer took her to the bottom of

the Grand Canyon on rafts.  She also climbed high above the Colorado River, in 114

degree heat, to find the locations that naturalist photographer, John Wesley Powell,

used to take photos in the 1880's.  She matched Powell's photos with a 4x5 film

format camera using a wide angle lens  These photos are now published in the


Carroll found mining was an entirely new way of life from her white collar

experiences.  She climbed in and out of mines working on lung cancer research project

of uranium miners.  As a research field technician she collected data from the miners

for Geno Saccamanno, M.D., PhD, at St. Mary's Hospital, in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Carroll comes from a long line of Southern story tellers.  She took her mining

experiences and wove them into a humorous tale about a pack rat that really existed,

creating suspenseful circumstances for the miners and townspeople.




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