Sunday, June 12, 2011

District #51 and changes...

Scenic Elementary should not be on the cutting block. As artist in residence there, I learned how the school ran. As a sub, I’ve seen the workings of many schools.
The old open concept exists at Scenic but that situation has been modified. What I found there, is evidence that students are aware their behavior effects the rest of the student body, therefore the school is quiet, engaged and learning. I met teachers who did not have to constantly ask for quiet. Students already knew this because teachers worked well together, cooperating and mentoring behavior for everyone's success.
The District is wrong to consider closing Scenic since it is actually a top notch school as evidenced by good CSAP scores over the past years. The District should examine just why people want their children to attend this school over the newly built or remodeled schools with walls. It is because they realize the importance of effective education and know that Scenic delivers.
When will administration stop relying solely on data since data can be slanted however some desire, another result of politics.
 As a professional teacher, with years of experience at all levels even teaching teacher-training classes,  doing curriculum-writing, and being an administrator in another state, I know some of the decisions currently being made are NOT good for our Valley. Why destroy an effective school?
Sunday's Sentinel article on no cuts to administration, demonstrates again more politics.  How can anyone justify adding on more paper work (keeps jobs for paper crunchers) for teachers who will be overworked with larger classes due to layoffs? Cutting 51 reading aids and not administration will not help literacy and lower scores. Our kids do not learn to read from administration. If Mr. Schultz truly believes education is the foundation of Democracy, then let's see cuts at his level.
Administration seems bogged down with handling discipline problems due to parents who will not listen to anyone anyway. Let these parents help in a classroom awhile or find alternative satisfaction elsewhere.
When the government sends down UNFUNDED mandates on partisan issues, those legislators need to be voted out. To actually devise procedures which will help education, those doing so, should be mandated to spend at least 3 to 6 months in actual classrooms working as teacher aides. Some eyes would get opened!
It’s time we enable teaching staff to do their jobs unencumbered; educate those parents who need  parenting skills; stop the political moves motivating administration. Our School Board could use some backbone as they listen and make their decisions. Visiting a class for 5 minutes or having a good-feeling chat with administration does no good. Value where education happens, the classroom!

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