Friday, June 17, 2011

Art Camp Two proved lots of fun and learning with 62 campers.Father's Day cards

Father's Day cards and bowl of fish
were completed Friday.

Campers in Mx. Baker's room showed off their
funny faces.
...they went funny.

 Mx. Alex's group were sort of
serious then...

Ms Mulder's group smiled
with Crest smiles then....
Campers did a  virtual visit to South America where they encountered the rain forest and all its splendor and the Inca Civilization. They were interested to find that South America is a huge continent in the Southern Hemisphere. They also explored the possiblities of what they might find in that wonderful continent. Clay, drawing painting, a visit from a tropical bird, movies and movement were all a part of the agends. Camps three and four remain. 

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