Saturday, May 28, 2011

Huge Dinosaur visiting Dinosaur Journeys

As you enter Dino Journeys Dinosaur Journey, 550 Jurassic Court, in Fruita, Colorado  this summer, a vision will fill your mind with a hint of what you will witness as you begin your tour of the displays found there. Be sure not to miss the postings on the wall which explain the historical and physical aspects of the creatures on display from body parts, bones and footprints. The newest display will be open for the summer, this being a full sized Tyrannosaurs Rex robot centerpiece.  This 50 foot long robot is mind boggling with all the possible questions it could poise.
The grand opening happened Saturday, May 28, with a ribbon cutting and celebration at 9:00 a.m. The display will last until the end of  Labor day weekend.

The robot was created by Wonderworks Exhibits company. They also created baby Rex to accompany Mr. Big Rex.
Assistant of Elmer Riggs 1903
lies next to the humerus-upper arm
bone of Brachiosaurus found in
Quarry 13 on Riggs Hill just off
South Broadway near G.J.
You will also be able to see some of the real bones loaned to Dino Journey by Museum of Western Colorado. Near the front entrance you will see al leg with hip bones, claws and teeth.
Watch for dino days during July this summer. There will be special celebrations including the 30 year anniversary of the Mygatt-Moore Quarry in western Colorado's rabbit Valley (July29th.) July 30 will see special activities at Dino Journeys as well. Don't miss these.

Meet the big Rex.

Doesn't look too happy.

This creature will be the object of many a camera. Shoot away.

Let's hope he doesn't have
any bad breath.

Here's looking at you.

Could this be the hint of a smile.

"Sir, would you mind telling me what happened to your arms?"

"Junior, did you hear what that lady just asked me?"

This is what happens when you get
really old.

"This guy is really big!"

"Let's have a discussion."

This discussion could really grow.

The top bones are hip bones with the rest of the leg and claws from the
Brachiosaurus found at Riggs Hill.

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