Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's going to happen, a Certified Zoo in the Grand Valley

Dinosaur Journey was the ideal place for the fund raising
event focused on building a "Certified" ZOO in the Grand Valley

The parking lot was full at Dinosaur Journey this past Saturday. A big bird dressed in red was holding a sign as it strutted on the sidewalk, which read “Event inside.”
So, curiosity being what it is, I had to turn around and find out for myself.
The event turned out to be a fund raising effort for an organized group hoping to establish a “certified” zoo in our valley.
Remembering the pathetic zoo and the final lion, caged in small quarters at Lincoln Park back in the early 1970s, till his death, I thought, “This I have to see.”
Thanks to the answers to my questions, I found that the group has a great plan and a dream, which would really benefit our area. Raising money to buy land for that zoo and the educational activities centered on this idea has been a rather quiet activity for nearly ten years.
Thinking about the math and science center, which has been a huge positive energy in the community, the idea of a zoo where children and families could come to learn about the many facets of animal life, history, biology and more, is an idea most worth pursuing.
Having incorporated as a non profit several years ago, the group has become more visible in this most worthwhile endeavor. Check out Grand Valley Zoological Quest. Janet Gardner is the Founder and executive Director.   

Dinosaur Journey was the ideal place on that rainy Saturday. Quite a few families came to explore the games, the displays and other activities. Tropical birds held to their perches, observing the people just as the people watched them. A green beauty flew a few yards to land on a shoulder of a surprised lady, who quickly took it in stride and proceeded with her conversation, the bird listening intently.
Another table offered small skeletal dinosaurs plus the added adventure of a clay so kids who spent their tickets there could put a “skin” on that skeleton and add a few feathers to boot since many dinosaurs probably had some type of feathers, at least when hatched.
Which brings up a point one of member the group made when she mentioned that “Yes, many dinosaurs went extinct, but others continued to evolve into what we now see as our birds.”
Now that is food for thought. Check out the photos of the many little faces, expressions of wonderment, as they experienced a step in the learning process on this rainy Saturday morning.
The group always welcomes volunteers and appreciates an passing along of  information about the mission.

"Welcome everyone. Welcome.

"I was just looking for a friendly

"Look at all these humans looking
at me."

"Well now, this is how I see it."

Everyone got involved.

"Look at this."

Moms enjoyed the event also.

This family was adding skin to the skeletal dinosaurs.

"Pretty little bird."

"So, what do we do now?"

"Hey Mom, look where we are."

All kinds of games entertained
the visitors.

And the event ended happily and successfully.

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