Saturday, March 26, 2011

Talent Show March, 2011, Fruita Parks and Rec.

As a tribute to Joyce Thorpe, the first number was dedicated to her memory.
Joyce loved being part of the troupe. her very last moments were spent a performance
given at the Rebekahs  Convention held in Grand Junction last year, 2010.
Joyce had planned the choreography for the program.

The Fruita Talent Show has become an annual event. Many different types of talents are given a chance
to participate. This year and  in shows past, special talents have been showcased. Who knows,  one of these talented shows may, someday, become the top billing on Broadway.

The dance troupe wore their new costumes
for the show.

The crowd was treated
to a Hula performance.

Amazing moves by
the yo-yo was a
new attraction as Aman
 Sirus and Ronin Lee
commanded the strings.
A Rock 'n Role number
was a crowd pleaser.
Wonderful melody came from the keys'
of the piano when Jonah Kreie plaayed.

Morgan Crouse, accompanied by Lindsay
Sparks did her vocal.

This short piece of dynamite, Jersey
Anderson, did moves with her
hula hoop which amazed

Alex Meyer used the strings of his
electric guitar to reach new levels
 of music.

Jersey warmed up before her

Jonah and fellow pianist, Jarth Rader
waited before their  numbers.

One of the Showtime
stoppers poised for
a big smile.

Sarah Brooks program master of ceremonies
 and Ellen Roberts 

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