Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skateboarding Trashland Bash, First Annual held March 5, 2011

Taa Boda won first place as a beginner
It was a great day at Fruita's Skate Park located just east of the new community Center, which happens to be just west of Shelledy Elementary School. With a good turn out for the first, ad we hope, annual Trashland Bash Skateboard Competition, parents furnished cheese nachoes, hot dogs and chili dogs for anyone who asked for such. This was their celebration of this event.
With Justin Sweety, and Josh and Max of "The Mirth" downtown Fruita, acting as judges, the beginner catageory was won by Taa Boda. Dustin Jennings took third while Nate Pearson placed third.
The last names for the Intermediate catageory were not available but the first names of the winners are as follows, beginning with first, then second and third. These are Nick, Kyle and Louie.
Thanks to Richie castro for being the organizer.

And he's on his way, air borne

Nate places third in his field.

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Catching air.

Where's the board?

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This guy's happy about
the competition

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