Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tribute to a hero

Receiving the Proclamation remembering her husband,
Mrs. Fuller was grateful to see all the support for John.

John Fuller was one of those unsung heroes that really are the backbone of our community. As a member of the board for the Grand Junction Junior Football Association. Even though he had lost his son to a car accident in 2009, he continued to help kids by coaching little league football.
September 2, 2010, was the fateful day he died in a rollover on highway 340. The scope of his influence really came forward that day and in the weeks after. Kids grieved openly, with tears, by wearing their jerseys, by feeling his loss. He will live on, in those who will take what he gave them and put those lessons into their own lives.
One player couldn't help crying in his classes. Upon walking around the grounds with him, he confided that Coach John had always been there for him, like a dad. His own family was going through some tough times with their father gone so much of the time in the oil fields, with bills and all the rest making life not "so hot."
This young man wasn't the only one to feel that way. Fuller filled special places in so many lives.
The evening of the Fruita Council's meeting in which the proclamation was read, also recognized the incredible followup by the assistant coaches and the team who dedicated the season to John's memory.
They celebrated taking the championship for the season by winning all their games.
Coaches and parents supported the team as they put into practice what Coach had tried to teach, good attitude, team work, pride in self, focus and hard work.

The Fruita City Council room was

Rightly so, even the local media attended
this Council session as everyone
remembered a coach who really made a

The blue jerseys were worn with pride, remembering the
coach who gave so much.

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