Thursday, October 21, 2010

FMS makes music with sixth and seventh grades bands performing

Taking music seriously is actually fun when you
are at Fruita Middle school
As you browse through the photos posted on this blog, remember what the study of music does for learning. Mathemeticians love Mozart. Literature, science, history and so many more studies, are enhanced when students study music.
A big highlight of the evening was the performance by the sixth grade band. The conductor and teacher, Mr. Webb had this band play the very first exercise from their first week. An ensuing clear note was played by all, same note by the way. He noted that they had to learn to assemble, disassemble and reassemble their instruments before they could play that note. In order to play the note, finger placements had to be mastered, a big deal for week one. He then asked students to show what they learned week two.  They ended their performance with "exercise 51" which turned out to be a round, each section of the band playing their part of the round. They are well on their way to success. Don't miss the December performance, you will never believe this group every was at the beginning level.

The seventh grade band filled the auditorium with their talents. Showing a variety of techniques as they followed their conductor, the musicians showed their continuing mastery of music.
With undivided attention, the cymbals were played by this musician.

Keeping eyes on the conductor and the music, these trombone players
add to the layers of music.

The rhythm section knows how
important getting those toes
tapping is to any piece of music.

French horns contribute special
color to the performance.

The music floats from the flutes.

The professional background of Joe Snell, who helps Mr. Webb teach the bands, is most appreciated by everyone. Meet this man and listen to his stories.

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