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Weather co-operates for cooler Rimrock Rodeo July 20, 2010

Photos of the event sometimes take a day to go through, edit and resize. So, when at first you don't see them, try again. Remember, you can click on any photo you like and print it. Just remember who took it.
It's time for senior high photos. I do weddings and all kinds of events. Get in touch.

The broncs, bareback and saddle had no riders. It was the bulls as usual, that created the excitement.
With a mix of new stock, the element of newness gave the riders extra testosterin. It was Brady Menege who placed first and Justin Flynn rode his bull to second place.
"Here's what I see..."
The crowd appreciated the weather .

Junior Bulls were just as exciting that evening. Bryant Osborn rode on to first place. Joey Brown took second.
(The list of winners for the events only gives names, not times. With a camera in hand, perched on a fence, it is impossible to write names or times which I wish I could post on this news blog.)
Calf Roping place one was tied down quickly by Jesse Cordova. I have watched this competitor zip out on his horse and in a few quick movements rope that calf, throw it, and tie it in lightning speed. He has been a consistent fact in making roping exciting.
Ryan Canty roped his calf with a time placing him second, with another good job.
Ribbon Roping is an event which gives opportunity for more competition. The roper stops the running calf. The yellow ribbon tied to the tail of the calf is then captured by a runner, (often, not an easy task) who then runs back to the shutes to cross the timing light. The best time, of course, wins.
In the Breakaway event, this week, the team of Pake Younger, roper, and Arles Hernandez, the ribbon runner, placed first.
Jesse Cordova and Katie Jones took second.
Breakaway gives gals the opportunity to show their roping skills without having to wrestle the calf and tie it's legs.
Barrels require lots of training by both horse and rider. To ride the horse which is running as fast as possible, then turn to round the barrel as closely as possible without knocking it over, (three barrels are placed in a triangular format perhaps  20 yards ??? apart), then fly back to the light timer barrier, is no easy task for either the rider or the horse.

One more to go.

Usually, at 4:30 p.m. racers do their thing during what is called "slack" time. This way as many participants who sign up, are able to compete. The evening event is limited to ten. The other "slack" time event is team roping, an event which also attracts many enteries.
Barrel racing this evening went as follows:
1 D, Devon Vanette first and Sophi Crews, second.
2 D. Trudy Peterson first and Monica Smith, second.
3 D. Jessica Blasdel first and Paula Bausch, second.

When I picked up the list of winners, the Team Roping winners were not listed. If I can run down this information, I will post it. Bull rider photos follow mutton busting.

"Hang in there, kid.""
That's how's it's done, guys."

"Son, you don't have to ride if you'd rather not."

"Dad, they're awful big."

"I'm not so sure, mom."

"Wait a minute, you said this was easy."

"Honey, we'll be right there."

"Seems like just another ride."

"Here I come!"

"I know I can do it."

"But I am calm, cool and collected."

"You can win too, son."

"Do I really want to do this?"

"Look at that crowd."

"I can't stop now."

"It could be a gold watch."

"Hold on."

"Hey, that's my hat."

"I wonder if..."

"I thought they ran faster."

"Oh boy, here I come."
"Dumping time."
"Gotta get this guy off my back!"

"This is sorta boring."

"And backwards I will go."

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