Monday, July 26, 2010


HAWAIIAN LUNACY by Stephanie Chambers was the latest in the summer series of Dinner and a Mystery. Sherry Tice does all the work and the seniors who chose to participate, have all the fun and, the great food.
The last dinner held July 19 at Judy's Restaurant was another success. Senior actors sit at the dining table and read their lines which include clues to "Who dun it." Sherry is in the kitchen getting the various dinner courses served.
On this particular evening, observations were noted by guests from Grand Junction. And, as is the custom, senior actors dressed their parts as you will see from the following photos.
Hawaiian Lunacy at Judy's Resturant

Ellen Roberts really enjoys all these dinners

Figuring out the clues

Can be a daunting task

Solving mysteries is a fun activity

The cop on the beat

A new character

Reading the lines...

Dinner decorations fit the Hawiian theme

Surf boards are part of the game

And the cake even fits the banquet

Jo and Jo enjoy these activities

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And the color was green?

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