Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rimrock Rodeo number four June 22, 2010

 With a very warm afternoon sliding into a pleasant evening after the sun set, the rodeo was enjoyed by a great crowd and cheering fans.
Joe Frost made his time on the bareback ride placing first.
Saddle Bronc first place went to Tab Hildeth while Wes Jones rode his bronc for second.
It took until the last event to see the bulls defeated when Justin Flynn took 82 points atop his bucking ride and Jerry Blair riding his bull for a total of 77 points.
Jr. Bulls: 1st Aries Hernandez, 2nd Joey Brown
Calf Roping, 1st James Hutton, 2nd Carson Pearson
Ribbon Roping, 1st Jesse Cordova and Katie Jones
2nd, Tony Mendez and Jessica Blasdale
Breakaway, 1st Jessica Blasdel, 2nd Mandy Rush
Barrels 1D, 1st Sophia Crews, 2nd Loni Wolfe
             2D, 1st Brittany Balezterg, 2nd Jenny Nestler
             3D, 1st Steala Pinnt, 2nd Taniesha Fortenberry
Team Roping, (Header, Heeler)
#8 1st Dale Blandon and Justin Skalla
2nd Pat Averett and Wasey Clark
#11  1st Kevin Korecht and Mario Balertena
2nd Dusty Raines and Dean Raines

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