Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rimrock Rodeo #5, june 29, 2010

With a welcome rain shower and not so welcome wind, Rimrock Rodeo number five got off to a good start Tuesday, June 29.
On the winners list, Joe Frost placed first on bare back with A.J. Colletti second.
No winners were posted for Sadlebronc,
The bulls are proving tough with only one winner, Brady Menge placed first.
Jr. Bulls cooperated with Brayant Osborne, first and Quinton Haydon, second.
Calf Roping first place went to Jesse Cordove and second to Joe Frost.
Ribbon Roping scores  are: 1st Lindsay Jewll and Shanne Shippley
Breakaway had one winner, Denton Morrell,
Barrels are as follows:
1D; 1st Amber Moore, 2nd, Sophia Crews
2D, 1st, Lori Carlson, 2nd Lindsay Smith
3 D, Kathy Norell 1st and Tanisha Fortanberry, 2nd.
Team Roping, Header, Heeler:
#8, 1st Devin Kohls and Brandon Edwards
      2nd Cassandra Collins and Ty Ferris
#11, 1st Kent Edwards and Brandon Edwards
         2nd Chris Brown and Matt Rice

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