Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 8, Rimrock Rodeo,2010, Results

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Second Rodeo of the 2010 Season, June 8, RESULTS
NO bareback or bronco riders. Does this mean horses win?
Bulls: what a close one! Matt McCabe 86 and 2nd, Bobby Redd, 2nd.
Junior Bulls: Joey Brown 1st, bulls win the rest.
Calf Roping: 1st, Clay Norell; 2nd Jesse Cordova
Ribbon Roping: 1st, Mark Balezteng and Morgan Crouse; 2nd Jesse Cordova and Katy Jones
Breakaway: 1st Sheanna Shipley, 2nd Lindsay Jewel
Barrels 1D: 1st Kaitlin Jones, 2nd Becky Carson
2D: 1st Jessica Blasld, 2nd Joellen Turner
3D: 1st Taniesha Fortenberry, 2nd Catherine Martin
Team Roping, Header,the Heeler
#8: 1st Mark Wagner and Ed Duran
2nd; Devon Kohls and Brandon Edwards
#11; 1st Kevin Koucht and Marie Balestena
2nd; Jerry Tate and Dean Raines

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