Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1 marks the first Rimrock Rodeo for the 2010 season

The first in the 2010 summer series of Rimrock Rodeo began June 1. A good crowd was treated to a great show.

Jimmy Blair place first in bareback. Josey Varley was the winner in Saddle Bronc.

Quiran Hyden was 1st with Jesse Fortenberg as 2nd for the Bull Riding event.

Luke Califano was the only winner in the Junior Bull division. The bulls won the rest.

For Calf Roping, 1st went to Jace Hutton and 2nd to Jesse Cordova. Ribbon Roping saw Benton Edwards and Jesse Cordova place 1st, Tiy Brennan and Katy Jones , 2nd.

The only winner in Breakaway was Jessica Mosher.

In Barrels, 1D, 1st wnet to Trudy Petersen, 2nd to Kaitlin Jones.

2D, 1st, Julie Cooper 2nd Baily MaCnomara. 3D-1st Tanie Sha Fortenberry and 2nd – Brittany Cavaga.

Header is listed first with Heeler following in the winners comments.

Roping # 8: 1st Tammy Gova, Wacey Clark; 2nd Chris Wahling and Larry Wahling

Roping #11: 1st Llynn Campbell, Dusty Raines; 2nd Tony Tonozzi, Hank Bounds

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