Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art Camp number three visits China

 Here is the scoop on the visit to China. While having fun with color theory, and the rest of the elements of design,
Art campers enjoyed making tea pots, teacups and rice bowls. Pinch pot panda bears were the sculpture of the week. Campers have designed many types of works to show Chinese culture. With the high temperatures out doors, Disney provided appropriate movies which gave everyone a daily 15 minute break to cool down. The DVD gave campers insight into clothing designs, art work, flowers and folk lore. Using color mixing, line and other elements of design, the campers continue to grow in appreciation for the arts. Next week will see the southwest with all its beauty and culture.
Thanks to the Tea House, campers were able to practice using chop sticks to eat the rice noodle dish prepared by John from Tea House.
Wind sock material was donated by Don Wyncoop of City Market.  Ruth, from Fruita Thrift Shop, helped with t=shirts which helped everyone make a camper's t-shirt. Thanks to these local businesses for their support of Art Camp.

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