Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fruita's Mike the Headless Chicken Festival 2010

May 14 and 15 marked the 2010 calendar page as being the latest in the saga of Mike, the chicken who lived in the 1940s without his head. Good old farmer Lloyd Olsen sort of slightly was off on his ax blow. Although he did chop off the head of "Mike", for some reason, the essentials to live were still there and the chicken lived. Olson figured out how to feed the bird and thus was born the chicken who racked in a good living for then traveling showman, Mr. Olsen.
Good Mike lived around 18 months, until it was said to have choked in its mucus according to one of the descendants. Some stories credit choking on a kernel of corn as the final blow.
Thanks to a whim in finding a viable event for the City of Fruita's Historic Preservation
Board, Yvonne Piquette and Karen Leonhart, both former city employees decided to use
the story of Mike to organize a family fun day which they named
Mike the Headless Chicken Day.
The event took off as was seen in this year's festival.
The weather was most likely responsible
for the lower turn out as well as graduation
ceremonies and other valley events.
Everyone who attended the festivities
had a great experience from the big hair
contest and Friday Bands to the lawn mower races,
the chicken-wing and "peepers" eating contests and the
infamous chicken dance survivors. Saturday's car show
drew crowds to view some very incredible
collectors' vehicles.
The City
Rec Department chose good music for
the crowds. The traditional closing group
headed by ralph Dinosaur put an enjoyable
exclamation mark on the festival.
Get ready to plan for 2011.

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