Thursday, March 25, 2010

And History goes on March 25, 2010

The evening programming on one of the television stations proved a most moving moment of silence. Yes, silence, silence to give members of Congress a chance to quietly think about, pray for, and to remember Senator Ted Kennedy. Senator Kennedy worked, worked and worked to bring forth a health care reformation. Thanks to his tenacity, foresight and his inspiration to others before his death 200 days ago, his dream has been realized.
The young, eleven-year old boy who witnessed our President sign into law the Health Care Reform.         
Marcellus Owens, who shared the story of the death of his 27 year old mother, who was uninsured and refused help for her cancer, witnessed that signing.
The former Bush speech writer, David Frum, who pointed out the bad press given by Fox News Station's Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. has become a victim of the wrath of that unbridled right wing, the wing who no longer seems to be working for Americans, but instead against this very nation as they incite violence and bias against anyone who DOES work for all America. He was suddenly fired from American Enterprise Institute because he dared tell the truth.  He told how he once thought Fox worked for the Republicans, but now feels Fox is working against the Republicans. Enter in the Tea Baggers, (no, not Tea Party), Tea Baggers, whipped to violence by half term governor, former candidate for vice president, Sour Palin, Beck and Limbaugh. Note the vandalism on more than 15 Democratic headquarters, offices of Congressmen in various states as well as threats via email, phones and letters promising violence to the children and families of legislatures. What kind of love of nation are the leaders for anger, vindictiveness and danger, building now?
And, John McCain, whom I actually thought about voting for once upon a time, (till he insulted all women by choosing Palin as running mate)  said  "I will support nothing in Congress." He promised he will "do nothing." He told his fellow Republicans to do the block anything possible. 
Now, WAIT A MINUTE, my taxes are paying his big salary, paying for his great health insurance. I want my money back! If I did not produce when I work, I would not have a job. All you party of "no" who continue to block needed legislation such as that concerning the pine beetle damage, jobs for Americans, and more, refund your salaries. You do not deserve them...PERIOD!

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