Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lions Club Parade, Grand Junction

Fruita citizens happily created a float for the Grand Junction Lion's Club Carnival Parade, held February 20.  The Junction Lions Club donated $15,000 to Fruita's Community Center to help in the effort to raise enough money to enlarge what would have been limited use, three-lane pool, to five lanes. At least the five lanes will help bring in revenue since swim teams can hold meets. High school teams will be able to use the facility for scheduled meets, community swimmers, old and young will  be able to share the five lanes as they improve their fitness or meet whatever goals each may have. The ability to teach  swim classes will benefit as will other swim activities. Swimming is one sport or athletic endeavor, that any individual, at any age benefits from, a life-long activity.

The Junction Club, holding its 80th annual carnival, has contributed four million dollars to the communities in the Valley during its history. Members enjoy the camaraderie created when they work together to help fellow organizations who work to help their communities.

As Fruita's float stated, "It takes a community..."

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