Monday, January 18, 2010

New Art Show at Pablo" Pizza in Kokopelli Center, Fruita.

Where ever you are, you owe it to yourself to treat yourself to a great meal, and in this case, a treat for the artistic side each of us has. Ted Okey owner of Pablo's Pizza, has been most supportive of the arts by offering his walls to local artists. The new show is work by Melissa Wesnidge. Melissa has displayed her paintings and a portrait on clay. Her ceramics are equally as great, though not displayed here.
Melissa's thoughts about her art are evident in her artist's statement as follows:

"My art is an expression of life through color and movement. I love color and its influence over our emotions and mood. I live for that small line of red, it’s a finishing touch that has the power to excite and inspire me. Color can change the way you feel instantly without the use of words and I find that incredible and very useful in art. I tend to paint the figure because I think people are extremely interesting. Our eyes alone hold more secrets than we probably care to admit and when I paint someone I hope to express my impression of their secret world. Their thoughts which I never will fully understand connect us still and that is why I paint. It connects me to people even for the briefest of life’s moments.
I’m a Colorado native, growing up in the Grand Valley. I attended Mesa State College and received a Bachelors of Fine Art. There I matured my love for oil painting and also found a passion for ceramics. I make functional pottery on the wheel as well as painting portraits with glazes on slabs for wall pieces. I love to work with my hands, building and creating, alive in the oil and dirt."
Melissa Wesnidge 970-623-4448

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