Sunday, January 24, 2010

Konolo goes for House District 54 seat vacated by King

 Claudette Konola is stepping up to the challenge of running for the vacated House seat in District 54 in Colorado. Local citizens would do well to meet her, question her and really find out for themselves, each and everyone, about her background. She brings a solid knowledge and working experience in banking and in finding jobs, all a part of her work for the last 40 years.
She knows entrepreneurs starting new businesses create most jobs. She definitely won’t have the wool pulled over her eyes when it comes to finance because she knows that industry inside out. Her pledge is to continue to support programs that encourage jobs, diversify local economy and create new jobs.
She strongly feels Colorado’s money should be invested at home, not in New York Chase Manhattan. She also supports big business as long as it is regulated as she used for an example, her retirement fund, which is in Wells Fargo. She understands that big banking is a part of the picture, but financial reform is needed to prevent any more fallouts, which hurt everyone in 2008 and 2009.
As she announced her candidacy for State Representative in Colorado House District 54, it was evident that she will be able to tackle protection of water, and work for promotion of education. She knows immigration clearly needs much effort
“I have the knowledge and skills to serve you well,” she said, “representing a district that is conservative, agricultural, and resource rich. My background in the finance industry, including economic and community development with both the Mesa County Revolving Loan fund and Community Reinvestment fund, is also relevant in an economy that needs to focus on jobs creation and balanced budgets.
Watch for more information on Claudette Konola.

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