Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fruita Community Center Ground Breaking

The long awaited and long dreamed about Community Center is here. Fruita resident Tom Dodd formed The Penny Posse, the moving factor in getting voters to finally realize that Fruita's community will benefit from such an endeavor, to vote yes on the ballot. In fact, the issue was passed by over 100 votes, a far cry from the results issued election evening. After a recount and all mail in ballots were counted, the numbers went from a tie to the initiative passing.
Dodd was relentless in getting the truth out there, something this particular area doesn't always read due to the nay sayers, those who feel having a community center is not good. In spite of the wisdom shared by the Delta community, an even more (or is it?) conservative community, that their community has benefited in so many ways from their successful center, the opposition groups and individuals fought hard to defeat the iniative. With the gold-sprayed shovels, hot dogs, hot chocolate and many smiles, the ground was broken in early December. Work is already underway to prepare for the construction. The old buildings are gone and life goes on. The outdoor pool will not open this coming summer, but it will be fixed and open for 2011. Thanks Dodd and crew for sticking with it,  as well as citizens who worked hard to get voter support. Mary Caywood is to be awarded the Purple Heart of Grant Writing for her ability to get more funding so the pool will at least be five lanes instead of three which made no sense  in revenue.

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