Friday, August 21, 2009

Be Cool, Fill the Pool Night

A special party was held this evening at the Fruita Outdoor Pool. The promotion is buy a gallon of water for $25 or more. This drive is to continue to raise funds to make the pool a viable one with six lanes which makes economic sense. More revenue  can be generated by this, swim teams, more classes, room for fitness laps and such. Show your support for the community, come, donate. You can mail contributions to City of Fruita, 325 E.Aspen, Fruita 81521. Gifts of $500 and up will be publicly recognized at the new community center. This is a wonderful memorial for a loved one now deceased.
Follow this site for photos this evening.
Good news was delivered by Mary Caywood who has donated 100 plus hours of grant writing to gain more funds, a task which is by no means easy as grants are hard to come by. Her good news was that one of the grants did come through adding  good sum to the building fund. At present others are in the works. Cross your fingers and hope.
Voters said okay to building a community center in the last election. The cap was 15 million which helped leverage other grant funding sources.
The local community campaign is seeking to raise $279,000 of which nearly $100,000 remains to be filled.
Community centers foster a sense of connection which gives a reason for and makes life more meaningful. Thus it is hoped the community will come together and support the endeavor as best it
Make checks out to City of Fruita, Community Center, 325 E. Aspen Ave, Fruita, CO 81521. You can connect online at

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