Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relay for Life important information

This letter is from Suzie Potratz, chair of the current Fruita Relay for Life even to be held July 31, 6 p.m. to August 1 7 a.m. to her volunteers. Please read this. If you haven't volunteered, think about doing so. You know someone who has or is fighting or has lost a fight with the deadly killer, cancer. Please help, whether as a volunteer, or with fund raising, or donations. Email Suzie. Her information is located at the end of this letter.

Even if you don't live in Fruita, no matter where in the U.S. you live, if you read this and you care about beating cancer, send donations. 

Hello All,
Just to give our small but awesome crew a heads up what is happening.
Our next team meeting is July 16th.  it would be great if we could all be there...just to touch base with the Team Captains on what is happening.
I am going to send a e-mail out to all of the people that said that they "MAY" be able to help. 
If possible, I would like to ask them to come from 5-6 or 7-8 so we can discuss what they can do to help.
Let me know which time your prefer.
Teams- 18 registered...couple may not come through..but have 1 more possibly signing up.
Survivors- 23 of 28 registered--- oldest waler is 89...she was diagnosed in 1962
Financial- We are about 1/3 of the way there...
We have almost reached our goal. Yippee!.
Victoria is working to organize the dinner and has done a great job of obtaining a beautiful loving gift for the participants.
The tent, tables and chairs are all sorted. Gene Taylors the tent and the Lions Club the Tables and Chairs.
Should be a beautiful experience. friend
Karen is on amazing
we are working to make this a cross cultural, multi age event.
Belly Dancers, Fi re Dancers, Bag Pipes, Irish Dancers, Native American...I will do my best to put an ad in the free press to help in bring these people forth to be apart of this touching yet fun event.
She has organized the volunteers for the flag raising, the anthem and the luminaria ceremony as well.
This make my eyes tear up...just think about. 
We are looking for a Karaoke machine if anyone has once every 1/2 hour a team can sing us a song.
RD well done...port a potties, rubbish, recycle, tents, luminaria bags, markers set up, clean up...he has it all sorted.
I would recommend set up to begin at 3:00 pm and from then on.
Clean up of walkers tents will begin at 6 am but all other items GT tent, trash, port a potties etc should begin right at 9 am.
We should be done by 10 or so.
Food and Beverage
Currently we have...
Coffee From Aspen Street Coffee
Soda and Water- Pepsi
Ice Cream- Enstorms  we have the freezer as well.
Pizza Party- I will follow up...we can always use donations of snack and treats for the walkers if anyone knows anyone.
Lions Club Breakfast- I have put an ad in the free press...this will be from 6-9.
I thought we could have the awards ceremony during the breakfast to move things through.
Dinner or BBQ- i would love to have a community BBQ while we are setting up and for the survivors walk...if anyone knows of anyone that may do this please let me know.  Donate the products and the time...funds would go to the Relay.
Mission and Advocacy
Angela...we look forward to your beauty and inspiration through out this...
People have offered to donate some items...maybe we can do a silent auction with some of these and give the others at the Awards ceremony.
Dusti and Angela if you could help me with these next week that would be great.
Accounting me the money baby....
Vera...thank you would be awesome if you take photos of the team at the events..and well as continue your blog.
Well all is flowing quite thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
with grace and gratitude,

mindful movement

1854 J 2/10 Road
Fruita, Colorado
M 970 623 3913

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