Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Health West lays corner stone for new hospital

Thanks to Yvonne Peterson whose photos record this event.
A special ceremony was held June 15 in the entrance to the new Family Health West Hospital. The Mason Grand Lodge Officers held this ceremony as members of the organization attended from all over the State.
Contents of the old corner stone have been on display in the Family Health West administration offices. Contents consisted of the Rocky Mountain News, Palisade Tribune, Fruita Times and Daily Sentinel, a 1951 Blondie Comic, coins of the year, a telephone directory, a Bible, LVHA History, an arrowhead and a copy of the Ceremony and Communications. That cornerstone will be placed under the new one which contains more information.
The contents of the 2009 cornerstone include:
9/11 Commemorative Coin donated by Sergeant First Class Greg J. Green
LVHA Byy-Laws
Mission/Vision Statement
2009 Organizational chart
Family Health West Brochures
Hospital Project Narrative, Ground Breaking Program and Photos, Project Photos
Red Capital Group Bond Commemorative
Hospital Grand Opening Invitations
2009 Red Baron ball Invitation and Program
Commemorative Beet Truck
2009 Mesa County Phone Directory and a cell phone
Fruita Chamber of Commerce Business Directory and 2009 Community Profile
City Council Memorandum 10/30/09
Fruita Rec Center Support Documentation, Referred Measure 2C Resolution
Miscellaneous Press Articles
Cornerstone Ceremony Program

Fruita's Historian, Yvonne Peterson noted that her father was a member of the Masons. She noted this organization dates back to the Roman Empire. President George Washington was one of the first Masons in America.
She remembered that she was the only person present at today's ceremony, who had attended the first cornerstone ceremony in 1951.
"I was a Junior in high school. If I hadn't gone, my dad would have disowned me and my math teacher, Mr. Griegle would have flunked me," she said.
The history of the laying of the cornerstone is one to pursue.
Look for the Grand Opening of the new hospital soon.

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