Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rose Hill Rally number thirteen.

The 13th annual Rose Hill Rally was underway May 3. The annual rally is a relaxing family bike tour of the valley.

Cyclists of all ages and abilities were found enjoying the day.

Proceeds from the event benefit Rose Hill Hospitality House, an accommodation for St Mary’s out of town patients and their families.[1]

The bike race included two choices, a 62 mile trek and a 31mile trek.

Trace Eatwell and Jodi Mace had completes the leg to Fruita and were about to complete the course. “Ten more miles.”

Scott Harper of Basalt, Margaret Musgnung of Panonia, and Keith Nichols of Crawford were about to start their last leg also. They agreed that they were participating to help raise funds but that this was also the only organized bike ride around.

Cyclists from all over the Western Slope take part in the Rose Hill Rally.

The ride includes a breakfast, rest stations, support help and a dinner at the end. Keep this event on your calendar around the same time next year.

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