Monday, May 25, 2009

Fruita's second block party suffered "rain out."

Fruita's second block party for the season started out to be even better than the first block party ever in Fruita had turned out to be, several weeks prior to May 23. That party really rocked. Sadly, the normally warm, sunny weather of Western Colorado changed to wet, wet, wet. The weather was not the only disappointment, since that first block party  had been such a success, but people didn't get to listen to this great traveling band out of Denver.  
As their web information stated,  "tone and soul are the essence of life. It's about the music AND the show. Demon Funkies arrived on Earth in 2003 with an extreme distaste for the average and reserved. Their unique energy, passionate songs, and always-fresh approach make them memorable on every occasion. Demon Funkies believe in unity, entertainment, fun, and outlandish good times. Original music made with fiercely authentic heart and soul is their vehicle of accomplishment."
According to visitors from Glenwood, Aspen and even Vail, this group is one you do not want to miss. 

The founders of the group are 
Ryan Chrys(guitar/vocals), The Prom King (bass/vocals), and Pete Lamborne on saxophone. Square Dogg is the man on the drums and Burning Sensation on t-tables and keyboards. 
According to loyal fans, their performances can be very animated. The audiences cannot help but get involved. We truly hope they will be able to return for another venue.

The group has released two studio albums, 2005's 
5,280' of Funk, and 2008's Punk Junkies. They were nominated as the best Funk Band for the 2009 Westwork Music Showcase Awards.

Check them out. They love to travel. You won't be disappointed. A contact number is 303 489 7457. Ryan is the man.

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