Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fat Tire's 14th annual celebration began Thursday April 23, 2009

Thursday found  John and Connor Adamik of Boston waiting to register for the Fat Tire Festival. They had been enjoying the area bike trails for the past week. They are heading home Saturday morning.  
From Park City, Utah, Kim and Jon Kolon were waiting as well. This happens to be Jon's 9th year of participating in this special event. Jeff Lutsey and Jim Wells of Pittsburg joined the crowd. Wells noted this was his first time to attend the Fat Tire Festival. He heard about it from a friend who now is working in Minneapolis.
Brenda Erikson was the registar for the event, the 14th annual. She has been doing this for the past four years.
Thursday evening was topped off with a celebration at El Tapatio. Found amid the crowd was Noel Buckley, famous for his aggressive-type of mountain biking according to several biking experts in the crowd. Buckley is from Vancouver, BS, Canada. He was very happy to attend the event as president of Knolly Bikes in Vancouver.
Gene Huelsman of New York, accidently found the celebration. Being on the way to a new job in Los Angeles, he decided to by-pass Junction and stay farther west, Fruita.  The cars with all the bikes told him he had made the right decision.
Nine bikers were seated and ready to enjoy the meals they had ordered. Some were from Minneapolis and some from Boulder. All but one had attended Fat Tire Celebration before.
Earlier, found near the Fruita Civic Center, were bicycle and accessories tents being set up.  Joe Hendrickson, Yeti Cycles, was photographed as he and friends set up for the weekend.
Watch this blog for the Friday and Saturday events.
The bike trails will be busy as more participants arrive and register.
Many have already registered on line. 
Fat Tire has grown  from the first 100 who celebrated inside Over the Edge Bikes. The event has grown each year. Troy Rarick hopes to keep it a laid-back, low-key fun event. 
You will meet persons from all over the nation as well as Europe, New Zealand and Australia.