Friday, April 17, 2009

Cindy Mays is a survivor

Room 104 was the destination. Cindy Mays was the person. Fruita Monument High School Student Senate had a mission. Their mission was to help teacher Cindy Mays in her quest to raise $2000 towards fighting breast cancer. She had pledged to raise that amount and the student senate members decided to help her reach that goal by donating a sum of $550.
With surprise, then grateful tears, Mays smiled her deep thank you to the three FMHS Senate members who brought the check, a bouquet of flowers and a balloon which read “You are the best.”
Kevin Bailey, Student Senate President thanked Mayes for the example she sets with her efforts and her teaching every day. The students reminded her that so many are proud of her. Ryan Gregor, Vice President and Brook Williams, student body secretary, presented her with the flowers and balloon.
Sherry White who accompanied the three remembered that when Mays had her bout with breast cancer she had worn wigs and Mayes remembered that it was rather askew one day when she was making cinnamon rolls, in fact it became somewhat burned when it came in contact with oven heat.
“That is when I went all natural,” Mays smiled and said.
She went without the wig, and waited until her hair grew back.
“Those wigs weren’t exactly safe,” she said.
Mays has been involved with the fighting breast cancer movement ever since her ordeal.
Cancer-free for a time now, she is grateful. Through her experience she has come to a new zest for life, one day at a time. She is truly an inspiration for her family, friends and her students.