Saturday, April 25, 2009

The afternoon of day three found many riders on the Kolopelli trails, on the Bookcliff (end of 18 Road) Trails and even some had found the slick rock area south of the Colorado National Monument. It seemed that everyone was anticipating a turn in the weather and they were right on.
Crowds gathered to watch the Klunker Race notorious for rule changing, strange costumes, some very unusual bikes and all kinds of antics by participants, a truly fun race at the hands of the master of Fruita Fat Tire Celebrations, Troy Rarick.
Caught on the trails before the race were some experienced riders and some novices.
Brian Estep from Dallas heard about Fat Tire from a friend who had been his neighbor until she moved to Denver. According to him, "I have really enjoyed this event. I have to admit it has whipped me. I am coming back."

The endof the event was marked by a small crowd due to the cold, the rain and the wind
offered by Mother Nature. The evening's band was really sharp. Had it not been for the weather, the crowd would have matched the nearly 1000 attending on Fruday evening. Those who braved the cold enjoyed the great music.
A friend photographed four visitors from Glenwood Springs.
Another fan said he was going to stick around and enjoy
the music.
"I didn't ride 25 miles for nothing," he said.
He had ridden his bike from the Clifton area.
Some of the crowd enjoyed the party held at End Zone after 10 p.m.
Thanks to Troy and Sara at Over the Edge for this, the 14th annual event.